"Marilyn did an expert job managing a nonprofit partnership at Google. She went far and above to by sourcing volunteers, consulting on curriculum development and supporting a PR strategy. Marilyn made a difference by making this nonprofit's education outreach more inclusive and accessible to students of all backgrounds."

-Abby D., Education Outreach at Google

"Marilyn is extremely proactive and finds excellent ways to channel her passions for the improvement of her team and org (and ultimately Google as whole and beyond). In her application and interview to join the Lobsters, she had multiple ideas to help narrow the gaps on our diversity and empowerment OKRs, such as monthly diversity discussions, cultural diversity events, and a permanent diversity committee on the [board]. She has the expertise and connections to bring a lot of these to fruition, and we're already seeing results such as securing Verna Myers to speak at our All Hands and making inroads in Unconscious Bias 100% attendance. I appreciated Marilyn drafting communications for the Unconscious Bias sessions. It was a huge help, and the managers benefited from specific action items."

-Bill L., Former Google Legal Online Operations Board Sponsor/Trademarks Manager at Google


"Proactive project management. Marilyn is self-starter who is always dedicated to producing excellent creative content. This group represents a population of 600 million+ students in their respective countries. She's shown both her amazing leadership & talent for sharing compelling thought leadership from around the world. Marilyn is instrumental in our effort to build thoughtful content. She has volunteered her time and worked with Googlers across the globe to make sure we have compelling and outstanding stories to share with. Marilyn, I cannot thank you enough for all of your leadership and work, helping out team manage  our community campaign for government decision makers."

-T.K., Google for Education Marketing Manager at Google


"Marilyn is detailed oriented and flexible. I worked with Marilyn on the Diversity Core - YouTube EDU effort. This project was extremely ambiguous and the deliverables evolved constantly over time. Throughout the project, Marilyn was organized and a great business partner. This enabled us to deliver a list of potential partners for YouTube Kids that the team is currently pursuing."

-Jonathan T., Finance Manager at Google


"Marilyn [worked] on my project: designing/building a customizable onboarding framework. What she's done: significant number of discovery interviews, coding interview responses to quantifiable data, a week-long intensive design sprint, and major contribution to development of individual framework components. She has done this with the kind of dedication, attention to detail, and high-level of quality a project lead dreams of. For participation in the design sprint alone, she deserves recognition as it pushes limits from many angles; physical, mental, creative, analytical, and emotional. The best part is the stunning results, a framework with the potential to change the face of onboarding."

-Patricia P., Global Program Manager at Google


"Marilyn is an extremely hardworking and devoted teammate and I have found her to be patient, understanding, thoughtful, engaged and committed to her work and her team. She has exceptional quality across her products and her diligence and willingness to accept new challenges and responsibilities is a reflection of her desire to constantly expand her knowledge and grow within the team. She is also extremely perceptive to people's emotions and feelings and her ability to connect with others and help them overcome challenges is what makes her such a strong team member and vital part of the Legal Investigations team."

- J.S., Legal Manager at Google


"Marilyn excels in her role. She is an extremely diligent worker who seeks constant feedback to ensure that she is contributing in the most helpful way possible. She is a great team member and collaborator and I am especially grateful for the balance she brings to the team outside of all of her core work: from organizing a GooglersGive trip for all of us to encouraging our engagement with groups within Google to her community service. Her attitude is always optimistic and refreshing." 

-A.B., Legal Team Member at Google