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Stanford University: Equity by Design Seminars


Digital technologies are rapidly evolving and reorganizing the way we play, learn, and work. Significant questions have emerged about how digital and networked information technologies might be both narrowing and widening gaps in access to learning opportunities. It is becoming clear that technology alone will not catalyze the forms of equity that are so essential for preparing young people and their families for a rapidly changing future. Instead we need to deeply rethink and intentionally redesign the social organizations and tools that provide formal and informal learning opportunities (schools, workplaces, community organizations, libraries) and study these innovations. In this seminar, which is both a course and public venue designed to foster new forms of collaboration and innovation, we will focus on questions at the intersection of technology, equity and learning. We have arranged a series of invited conversations with a broad range of stakeholders including researchers, educators, and industry representatives.

The series is open to the public. Stanford students may enroll for 1 course unit; classroom teachers may enroll for 2 continuing education units.

Goals: By creating an open seminar involving students, educators, designers, researchers, and other interested community members we hope to introduce participants to scholarship in this area, inspire a cross-sector discussion that helps define key issues at the intersection of equity, technology and learning, and catalyze new forms of collaboration and ideas for innovation.

Sponsor/Partners: The seminar is sponsored by TELOS, an initiative to advance equity by creating and investigating ways that technology can increase opportunities for underserved PreK-12 learners, families, and educators. Seminar partners include Digital Promise and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation.

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