Public Affairs | Advocacy

K12 Speaker/Presenter, 2017 (Nationwide)

Public speaker assigned to speak to government officials, students and schools about online safety and computer science. Presentations for Online Safety Roadshow (6th - 8th grade), and CS First Roadshow (4th - 6th grade), where I assisted in teaching students everything they need to know about how to be safe online, and how they can create amazing things through code. 

Global Learning Instructional Design | Project Management

Instructional Designer, 2016 (Sunnyvale, CA)

Selected for rigorous instructional design Q1 rotation to develop skills in content development, project management, learning theories, and delivery methods. Collaborated cross functionally with international teams as designated Americas Regional Lead to revise department wide onboarding training and implement social learning strategies for approx. 1000 Technical Googlers.

Managed Google dashboards and spreadsheets to analyze quantitative + qualitative research findings in the design of adult learning techniques. Performed client training needs analysis to determine performance strength via skill, motivation, and environmental assessments.

Revised an online change management training program to improve employee stress coping mechanisms. Produced blended learning solutions for negotiation and inclusion training content utilizing internal Oppia e-­learning/design software. Assisted in innovation design thinking workshop in Dublin, Ireland resulting in a successfully launched 3 month onboarding program.

Global Education Community Management

Community Manager, 2015-2016 (Mountain View, CA)

Worked as a Ministers of Education [MOE] liaison and collaborated with the marketing and sales teams to drive strategy as Google liaise with Ministries of Education. Managed two vendors to assist in comms creation and assessing metrics in support of newsletter monthly distribution. Created materials and topics to enhance Ministries of Education knowledge of education technology ecosystem. 

Served as Google point of contact for Googlers interested in supporting our outreach to Ministers of Education Symposium in November 2015 with approximately 150 government officials and guests in attendance. Interviewed Ministers of Education and Wendy Kopp, CEO of Teacher for All, for extensive qualitative research and development objectives. Established a 12 month strategy for engaging all policy and change makers across, this can include in person programs, events, content development and nurture campaigns. 

YouTube Education Analysis | Product Development

Diversity Core Education Analyst, 2015 (Mountain View, CA)

Researched domestic/international existing content gaps and new content creators for the upcoming launch of YouTube features for Google Apps for EDU users. The content identified will also positively impact the YouTube Kids product offering as we sought to expand into international markets.

Identified 30 acquisition targets for EDU video creators and companies that have either no, or low, presence on YouTube. YT team identified 5 of these for immediate acquisition, providing local content teams ability to begin partnership process. 

Education Technology | GAFE Analysis

Diversity Core Education Analyst, 2015 (Mountain View, CA)

Analyzed data to provide a comprehensive outlook of the global education ecosystem for GAFE sales and product teams. Examined country penetration of GAFE and Classroom in order to promote GAFE and Classroom internationally and ultimately drive adoption of our products.

Collected data on global competitors specializing in education management systems, student information systems, and curriculum tools. Contributed to assemble and distribute surveys to identify internet penetration, device usage, and GAFE adoption to Google+ educator groups (GEG) worldwide.

Corporate Stewardship | Diversity

RISE Award Non-Profit Manager, 2015 (Mountain View, CA)

Google’s RISE Awards support organizations in their work to inspire students of underrepresented backgrounds from around the world with CS with grant funding and resources.

Selected as a Non-Profit Manager designated to work alongside Empoder's founder and CEO, Marissa Yanez, during the non-profits primary development stage.  Key results stemmed from establishing  a volunteer pipeline development, corporate partnerships, computer science curriculum, and event planning logistics. Oversaw pitch proposals to be delivered to top senior Google executives including, Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO. To date Empoder has resulted in thousands of dollars in donations, press media coverage, student recruitment/retention and corporate resources. 

Leadership | Employee Engagement | Culture

Legal Online Operations Board (LOB) Chairwoman, 2014-2016 (Nationwide)

1 of 5 applicants selected to serve as a representative on the Legal Operations Board (LOBsters) to facilitate all-hands meetings, empowerment, well-being and diversity initiatives in support of approx. 150 employees. Established separate branch committee for org’s first Inclusion Task Force (ITF) to tackle recruitment, hiring, and retention efforts (Q1 2016).  

Conducted onsite interviews, application review, and negotiated college recruitment outreach as hiring committee representative.
Managed ~$200,000 budget and LOB eight member committee as chairperson to implement professional development engagement workshops and events quarterly for ~150 members.

Led implementation plan for Inclusion Taskforce within Google’s Legal Online Operations Board (LOB) to address company benchmarks for cultural social learning techniques via employee resource group partnerships.
Provided professional development and mentorship for approx. 12 post-undergrads interested in policy/legal fields.

Mentorship | Student Development

Career Counselor | Mentor, 2012 - 2016 (Nationwide)

Volunteered with Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) through Accenture's Skills to Succeed - Future Focus platform providing 4 high school students with the resources to gain employment and entrepreneurship skills during weekend workshops. Also served as a mentor and career prep coach for several other engagement events. 


Mentorship | Teaching 

Business Development Classroom Coach | 2014 -2015 (California)

Assisted young tech entrepreneurs in the Bay area providing mentorship and motivation for a worldwide app design challenge. Helped to facilitate Technovation's technology entrepreneurship course curriculum in preparation for competition. 

Spring 2015: Served as a weekday classroom coach at the Julia Morgan School for Girls overseeing 6 teams of 30 middle school students to compete in an annual social impact mobile app competition. Facilitated weekly business development curriculum and assessments during a four month period. 

Spring 2014: Served as a weekend mentor for 4 high school students provided guidance for an annual social impact mobile app competition. Facilitated weekly business plan lessons during a three month period. Advised students in career preparation, collegiate pursuits, and academic counseling.

Mentorship | Computer Science

Tech Student Development Mentor, 2013-2015 (Oakland, California)

Provided classroom technical support to young girls ages 6-17 in computer science related programs including HTML, robotics, hackathons, etc.