N+P Education Consultancy

N+P aims to provide education based services to advance knowledge attainment in both corporate and academic environments. Services include one-on-one/group student support, on-campus program facilitation, and long-term consultation projects.




College Exploration

  • Expose students to a range of colleges/universities that represent the gamut of college options (liberal arts, comprehensive, co-op, HBCUs, religiously-affiliated, etc.) available to them through campus visits and summer programs.
  • Educate students and parents about colleges, financial aid, college/scholarship applications, resume writing, essay writing, the college admissions process, trends, planning, procedures, and testing; advise and support advisory teachers and families as they go through the admissions process by providing one-on-one assistance, feedback, and deadline tracking.              

Career Prep and Partnerships

  • Identify and cultivate relationships with organizations and employers which align with intended student majors served and student interest. 
  • Develop, coordinate and deliver training and skill development workshops to individuals and groups, such as in-depth professional career advising, resume preparation, job-search strategies, and career information technology including internet links, interview skills and experiential learning preparation. 
  • Assess needs of students and responds appropriately with advice and information regarding career development strategies and available resources.




Support Enabling Systems

  • Work with school leaders. Connect with school leaders to understand their vision and plans for the adoption of digital learning and implications for their schools, teachers, and students.
  • Develop and conduct effective professional development. Help teachers to prepare for smooth adoption of new tools and solutions.
  • Support implementation. Oversee internal adoption and execution of new classroom and school-wide solutions. Define learning objectives and monitor progress to optimize success of implementation efforts.
  • Participate in and support Communities of Practice. Identify best practices and create knowledge-sharing opportunities within school district.

Technology Research and Development

  • Develop third-party partnerships. Identify and negotiate with potential partners to enable adoption of new resources. Build strong relationships to support learning and strong implementation.
  • Respond to help desk assistance to diagnose and troubleshoot issues related to online learning platforms.
  • Manage operations related to Innovation Cycle (discovery, adoption, evaluation, maintenance)
  • Conduct Market Research. Review, assess, and suggest cost-effective solutions or programs.
  • Define student needs and work closely with technical staff to enable appropriate investments in access, bandwidth, and hardware.


Academic Coaching and Classroom Success

  • Track student data including progress towards graduation, monitor academic success, course load selection in relation to student’s individual career pursuits 
  • Mentors students on soft skills such as character development, time management, networking skills, and team building methods.
  • Each student enrolled in the One-on-One Coaching Program will receive help juggling academic and extra-curricular activities as well as advice on how to break up large assignments and test study sessions in order to ensure that their time is best utilized.
  • Coach students how to study for exams in all subject areas, as well as strategies for taking objective and subjective exams. Coaches also demonstrate memorization strategies, give advice on proper reading techniques, and educate students on how to properly prepare for research papers.
  • Assist students to identify options, think them through, evaluate them realistically, deal with their aptitudes and abilities, select suitable vocational goals, and identify corrective measures to alleviate any skills deficiencies.


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