The Cynthia E. Mboe Memorial Scholarship

August 19, 1983 - October 23, 2016

On Sunday, October 23, 2016 Cynthia Ejiheme Mboe passed away suddenly at the tender age of 33. Cynthia was the gracious daughter of Deborah: phenomenal sister to Marilyn, Darwin, and Emmarah. 

Cynthia first set foot on this earth in Kumba, Cameroon where she immediately stole the hearts of all who knew her. The trilingual energetic and compassionate young lady immigrated to Detroit, MI at the age of five to continue a life of passionate care giving. As a young child she was known for her remarkable artistic abilities which propelled her to gain the admiration of many. Her love for the arts was undeniable, and with the stroke of a paint brush she captured beauty in fashion designs, and with the sway of her hips she mesmerized all with her graceful african dance moves.  

Many are unaware of Cynthia’s ability to speak three languages French, English, and Spanish in which she was adorned with tons of awards and recognitions. Her talents continued in the realm of becoming a high school varsity athlete in volleyball and golf. She graduated with honors from Northwestern High School in Detroit, MI and as a Dean’s List student she graduated from Central Michigan University with a B.A. and M.S. in Health Science Administration.

Her deepest passion was ultimately aiding others. Cynthia’s eyes often grew big to the sight of a visitor; rushing to take them under her wings and help them make new friends and become adjusted to their new environment. Who did she befriend, embrace and love? Everyone. She could be seen chuckling with those from all walks of life - she embraced all religions, cultures, and traditions which she incorporated in her celebration of life.  Her love for people was heightened under the pursuits of health care and she desired to establish health clinics in West Africa for impoverished residents. A sincere angelic spirit is what she shared with all who came across her path and we will never forget her infectious smile and nurturing care.

As much as she did for others she worked twice as hard for her mother, siblings, friends and other relatives. She is the carbon copy of her mother, Deborah, in beauty and personality, Her siblings saw her as a gentle spirit as well as their biggest cheerleader who supported their every endeavor and celebrated victories as her own. Cynthia's friends deem her as one of their greatest gift. She was more than lip service. She showed up for her friends. She took you into her world while elevating yours. Her essence is present in still water, beautiful landscapes, dancing and countless things of remarkable beauty.

Listen quietly and in the gentle breeze of the wind it is her holding you. In the remarkable sight of a rainbow it is her watching you, in the brisk silence of the night it is her listening to you, and in the sudden occurrence of a miracle it is her guiding you. Her love for Jehovah was of devotion and she has been blessed with the opportunity to work alongside Him.

Cynthia lived her life to the fullest extent. We will continue to love her and urge you to carry on her dreams, laughter, and spirit! We will not and shall not forget her. In her memory an annual scholarship fund has been created for students aiming to follow a career path in health or the arts. Each recipient will be awarded a one-time scholarship of $819.83 (to reflect Cynthia's birthday) - each school year and a new recipient will be awarded the CEMM Scholarship to be used to her own desire. This memorial scholarship will ensure Cynthia's love for helping others is present on this earth for decades to come! 

2018 funding has closed and we will update with the recipient's information soon! 2019 funds will be dispersed and managed by Alpha Kappa Alpha - Mu Kappa Omega's JFT foundation. For more information please see below.